Saturday, September 30, 2006

No Good Choices

This baby boy was from a small village near the Dominican Republic. His parents couldn't take care of him for financial reasons.

They put him in an orphanage and he was healthy. The director of the orphanage went to the United States and returned to Haiti and found him in this condition. One of the nannies said he fell and broke his leg. There was no more history.

This Haitian baby had to suffer so much as he developed gangrene of his left thigh due to an infection in his deep thigh muscles. His suffering had to be great as he remained at the orphanage neglected. The infection spread to his blood and gave him multiple organ failure.

He appeared to be awake but his eyes were looking nowhere as he lay in a beneficent coma. A unit of blood was being wasted on this dying boy. No medical personnel really thought he would recover.

Fortunately, death came for him a couple of days later. His parents should never have had to place him in a terribly run orphanage that let him rot to death. But when you can't feed your children in Haiti, you don't have good choices.

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