Friday, November 24, 2006

Luke's Flower

Marie-Rose appeared to be about 40 years old. The nurses said that she is the mother of ten children. She had no family members present. When I was called in to check her she was propped up in bed and not responsive. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was fast. The systolic blood pressure was 50 mm Hg in her right arm. Her dossier showed that she had metastatic gastric cancer. I turned her IV to a keep-vein-open rate. Someone placed an oxygen mask on her face.

The nurses and another doctor stood at her bedside and prayed for her. After the prayer, amazingly Marie-Rose opened her eyes and said to everyone, “Thank you for praying for me.” She closed her eyes and the doctor told her not to resist and to go to the next world. A few minutes later she passed away comfortably without efforts to keep her with us.

Shortly after, two men carried a well-worn stretcher up the steps and she was placed in our little morgue. Flowers were placed on the white sheet that covered her body.

The doctor that had prayed at Marie-Rose’s bed told me to place a white flower from the garden on her body. She said that Marie-Rose could now intercede directly for our son Luke and our intentions.

We both knew that Marie-Rose will not resist our requests and we know she appreciated Luke’s flower.

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