Wednesday, March 07, 2007

John Carroll's Posts

In December, 2006, and January, 2007 I posted about 25 posts on a local blog in Peoria. I have compiled those posts and they can be found at John Carroll's Posts.

Most of the titles are highlighted and link back to the blog where comments follow the posts.


regalo1225 said...

Dear Dr. Carroll,

Over the past few days, I've been reading some of your past posts (I also discovered your wife's blog!). I have a couple questions, one political, and one medical:

1. From your post on your encounter with the chimère, I realized I'm a little confused about the term chimère. What does it really mean? I've heard it mostly in the context of those the press alleges were armed by Aristide. But Mr. Aristide, in his recent interview with Peter Hallward, refers to the chimères more generally--as the oppressed victims of structural violence. What's your experience of the use of the term? When did it come about? Who calls who a chimère? I've talked to people who blame most of the gang violence on those they call chimères, but from other things I've read, I don't think this is the case. I know you're extremely busy working in Soleil right now, so I'm not asking for a major reply. Just wanted to articulate my questions as I try to work things out.

2. I read your post on lymphatic filariasis. At Notre Dame, there is a program I work with that's trying to eliminate the disease. Since receiving a Gates grant 1999, its been doing mass drug administrations of DEC/Albendazole and working on fortifying salt (running a factory in the city). The program also runs morbidity programs, and performs hydrocele surgeries. We're based at HSC in Leogane. Unfortunately, there was an activity gap in the past year while a second grant was sought, but we're getting up and running again. We have a website: There's such a long way to go, but we're hopeful for more support for neglected diseases.

I saw an AP article about last week's arrests in Soleil, and the re-opening of a school. I hope this means MINUSTAH is starting to take a more peaceful, civil approach.


John A. Carroll, M.D. said...

Dear Brennan,

I first heard the term chimere several years ago. Chimere was and still is used to describe young men in the slums that are pro-Aristide.

I have used the term chimere in these posts, but maybe I shouldn't.

Who supplies these young men with bullets for their deadly weapons? Is Haiti's upper class involved in supplying the gangs what they need? Is Lavalas guilty in providing the bullets and arms for these gangs? Is the international community involved sustaining them? Is the narcotics industry involved?

In Haiti you hear every possible answer. It just depends on who you ask.

What I see in Soleil and Saline and Waf Jeremie is immoral poverty and very desperate people. The poor are caught between MINUSTAH and the gangs. Mothers stay at home rather than risk the trip to the clinic or hospital with their children when bullets are flying. And the kids get sicker...

My definition of chimere would be anyone in Haitian society that is hurting the masses for their own personal agenda.

I referred the lady with filariasis to Leogane.


regalo1225 said...

Mèsi. I realize we can't encapsulate the militant forces in Haiti (UN and others) into a straightforward explanation.

I honestly can't imagine the poverty you see...the poverty Haitians experience.