Friday, July 27, 2007

Mauricio Accepted !

Good news!!

Mauricio, the seven month old baby boy in Port-au-Prince with congenital heart disease, was accepted yesterday into a major children's medical center for heart surgery.

Also, two other Haitian children were accepted yesterday by another children's medical center, for surgical repair of their heart defects.

And a fourth baby, who is six months old, is very close to acceptance in the U.S. by yet another medical center. E mails have been flying back and forth between Haiti and the United States.

The childrens' families are very happy.

I would like to divulge the names of these generous medical centers, but won't at this time, to prevent anyone from attempting to stop these miracles from happening.

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thehaitilady said...

I am sorry that I do not understand....would someone truly do what they could to stop a child from getting much needed surgery? I guess having been to Haiti, having Haitian children myself, nothing should suprise me...
LeAnne The Haiti Lady