Monday, October 15, 2007

Mauricio Survives!

Mauricio was operated in the United States and survived a complex heart surgery.

He is with his fantastic host family and doing very well. He is crawling everywhere.

Saving Mauricio will not save Haiti. But we all know that all of Haiti's babies deserve medical care whether it is basic or complex.

If Mauricio can be helped with a serious congenital heart defect, we should be able to help thousands of Haitian babies that are dying from medical problems that are preventable and much less "complex" to treat.

The collective will has to be there to do as much good as can be done.


Malia'sMama said...

He looks awesome! Kenbe fò, Mauricio!
And, yes, the situation is insurmountable, but you are sooo doing your part and every little one saved is a blessing.

J.Sprague said...

Thank you for publishing these updates. Kenbe fem

John A. Carroll, M.D. said...

Thanks, Jeb.