Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jhiny and Cristelle

Jhiny and Cristelle both had successful surgery at Cardinal Glennon in Saint Louis. Both will be headed back to their families in Haiti soon.

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My beautiful Area, Carrefour said...

God is powerful.Jhiny and Cristelle had successful their operations in St Louis, MO.Those two girls are going to have a new life.They had a lot of fun with Ebel family who provided shelter to them.I can't imagine how God works and also how He set up the things, He made everything for the girls, like He took me out of the VSD surgery.He even protected me from other deceases that VSD could caused to my health.Thanks to everyone who contributed help to those two haitians, especially John and Maria Carroll, James and Jane Ebel.Thank you God, you are really Almighty.
"Life is important to save"