Friday, May 16, 2008

Let's Give a Hand to Them

Frandy is a teenager who lives in a slum of Port-au-Prince called Carrefour.

He goes to school and lives with his mother and a couple of brothers in a small "house" up a steep dirt hill in Carrefour.

He has an irrepressible spirit and writes us occasionally.

Here is Frandy's last e mail that he wanted posted on this web log. His English and spelling are not perfect, but neither is mine. (I did not try to correct his grammar...the only change I made was to divide his long paragraph into a few paragraphs.)

Frandy drives home his points ad nauseum, but why shouldn't he? He is living it.

Frandy even named this post: "Let's Give a Hand to Them".

Here it is:

Title : Let's give a hand to them

This is a bad moment for the Haitians. Most of the Haitians are hungry. Haiti needs the world to keep it from starving. Education is unaccessible for thousands children.

I think we should put hands together to help those who are in problems.(Education and medical care, food) are important to save thousands people here.

Once the children find education, they may take decision for their own lives after recieving instruction. We should struggle against violence in the slums here by helping the poor children to recieve education. Haiti needs school for the kids in all zones such as Cite soleil, Bel-Aire, Martissant and Raboto (Gonaives), Carrefour etc.

We are living in Technology and it requires school to catch a better life, we can not stay in a world where most of the children don't have oportunity to go to school and to eat.

The Haitian children are calling everyone because they don't want to carry guns anymore and they don't accept to be used by someone as slave. They are malnourished.

The Kids in Haiti are saying no to drug and no to prostitution and also no to gun and no to the illegal transportations in Dominican Republic. Stabilisation of Haiti depends on those specific matters "Education, Medical Care and Food. They are asking protection.

It says in the Bible "Anyone who receives the children, receives also the kingdom of God". We should give an eye on them.

Thank you very much for your understanding and may God bless you.



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