Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Cry of the Motherless Child

I remember that beautiful morning when I woke up
Mama looked disturbed and Papa was gone
Hungry and helpless she wandered the room
I wish I had it all

She enlessly looked out the window hoping for a blessing
But Papa came empty handed
Hungry and weary they cried together
I wish I had it all

Mama loves me, Papa loves me
But love thrives not on hunger
How could the world be strong yet so helpless?
I wish I had it all

I cried and cried, oh yes I cried
I cried until my cry cried no more
But Mama just walked on
I wish I had it all

She turned and sobbed but just walked on
She wanted me to live
I cried for Papa but he walked straight on
I wish I had it all

I cried, I stretched out my arms but love filled them not
I wish I had Mama, I wish I had Papa
I would have had it all

Mama's beautiful smile fills my world with joy
Her sparkling white teeth a medicine to my pain
Her soft hands a tray of comfort
I wish I had it all

Her tireless lap a home to play
Her ample shoulders a place to sleep
Her protective arms a guide to safety
I wish I had it all

Happy lies the day when hunger hungers no more
When Mama and Papa worry no more
When we all will be one family again
Blessed is the day when Mama and Pap will be mine again.

(Written by Seminarian Paul Kala during his first visit to Haiti. Mr. Kala is from Ghana, on the west coast of Africa.)

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Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes...oh God bless me today please so I can be a blessing to those apple of your eyes. Make my hands yours to wipe away their tears O lord I pray. Amen