Sunday, November 30, 2008

Young Haitian Women Travel to States for Heart Surgery

Dear Readers,

Both Heureuse and Mirterlande are now being "worked up" for cardiac surgery here in the USA.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

(Heureuse top picture and Mirterlande bottom picture.)


Debbie Welter said...

Dr. Carroll--

I'm glad Heureuse and Mirterlande are going to get the help they need. Please assure them of our prayers for the success of their surgeries and also for their families in Haiti who need them. It is a tragedy that young women like this have to suffer so much.

Bondye beni ou.

John A. Carroll, M.D. said...

Thank you, Debbie. And thank you for delivering their medication to to them in Haiti when they needed it most.

Mirterlande had her surgery today and did great. The next couple of days will be very important. Her courage going into the operating room was incredible...but very consistent with Haitian courage in general. She had her Bible in the OR with her when they put her to sleep.

Tina Zickus said...

It is success stories, like Heureuse's and Mirterlande's that keep us devoted to keep returning to Haiti to help in any way we can. Thank you for the medical blessings you bestow upon these valuable lives.

God Bless you always.
Tina & Cindy Zickus

dining tables said...

I am following the story of Heureuse and Mirterlande. It is so sad that they get that kind of illness in their young age. I am so thankful that they are going to be cure.