Friday, February 06, 2009

What More Can be Said? This is Haiti in 2009

I received this e mail yesterday from a Haitian friend of mine from Cite Soleil:

Dearest john,

forgive me firstly for my disturbing you I just wanted to make you this request about to make this request to someone of you in HAiti

to lend me what he has cause we all in the house are very hunger while I make you this e-mail I am very hungry but, it is only what I can do is to make this e-mail to you to attemp this chance to se if you would answer to me when consider how the situation is very much hard .
like sickness to take care of.
children to feed.
other problem to realize
and so I am completely empty.
hope you will do that for me by tomorrow cause our need is very much great.
I will go back home witout nothing all eyes are on me when I enter home to see if i have brought anyhting .

please I will do that by faith to check my e-mail tomorrow to find a positive answer from you .

please do that for me.
tahnk you

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