Monday, April 27, 2009

I Need a Home

Hi everyone.

I won’t tell you my name or where I live to protect my privacy. But I am in a hospital in Haiti and am an orphan.

I am eight years old and have been in the orphanage for three years. I live with 19 other girls.

My mother couldn’t take care of my brothers and sisters and me and so we are scattered in different orphanages in PAP. We were from way out in the countryside. I don’t see my brothers and sisters any more.

I was transferred to this hospital from another hospital six days ago with a high fever and my face and arms were swelling. I am anemic too. However, I am feeling better with treatment and the swelling is down.

The doctors and nurses take good care of me here and my orphanage director came to see me on Sunday.

There are many kids like me in Haiti now. We suffer as Haiti suffers.

However, I would like a good home and family. One of my problems is I don’t even know if I am adoptable. You will have to contact the orphanage director to find out if he puts us up for adoption or not. We live in a poor orphanage, but it is better than where I came from.

Contact Dr. John at if you are interested in learning more about me. He has my address and name and that is about it.

And he will post my picture when he gets enough internet power to do so.

I need a home.


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