Wednesday, February 17, 2010

E Mail from Garfield in Haiti

Garfield is a young man in Haiti who I have known for 20 years. He continues to survive somehow.

Here is an e mail he sent today:

Dearest Dr John

i write to you to tell you that thing is completely difficult .
since after the earthquake life become changing .

My Dear let me tell you that i am so much in need of a Tent .i heard talking on the radio about the season of rain.
i only get scare not to get wet again .

we do not yet find no help .
it is true that lot of assistance brought for haiti from the other country .but we never get chance to find sometimes when i get a pass on the way to the airport i go get some little water .
but to say well some people have found help but not me .and the family .

people fighting so much for food and people get killed already since after the situation life is changing
so i am askin g for the computer
take care


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