Friday, December 10, 2010

John Carroll's Five Stages of Cholera

John Carroll’s Five Stages of Cholera...That You Won't Find in The New England Journal of Medicine

Stage V:
This is the worst stage. Patient appears cold and lifeless. His eyes are neither fully open nor completely closed. When an IV is started he doesn’t budge.

The doctor’s sphincter tightens and he is very, very distressed.

Stage IV:
Patient has palpable carotid pulse but no brachial or radial pulse. Patient barely responds to any stimuli.

The doctor is very distressed.

Stage III:
Patient has brachial pulse, but no radial pulse. Patient will look at doctor and respond appropriately at times.

The doctor is kind of distressed.

Stage II:
Patient has both radial and brachial pulses and has warmed up some. Patient conversant most of the time.

The doctor is happy.

Stage I---Patient has all pulses back and sits on edge of cot. And when asked how he is the patient replies, “ I am weak and my stomach hurts”.

The doctor is ecstatic with happiness.

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