Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sweet Micky Says He Has Mandate

Photo by John Carroll

Haiti President-elect Martelly says voters have given him a mandate - Haiti -

I talk to Haitians on the phone everyday. Some are in Haiti and some are in the United States. Most are just happy that the streets of P-a-P were calm after the election results were announced a couple of days ago. So they could walk back from cosmetology school and buy some stuff in the market without having a rock thrown at them. Little things like that make them very happy....who actually wins the presidency is not real important to many Haitians because it doesn't make any difference to them in their daily lives.

They laugh when I ask them if they voted for a new president of Haiti.

I work in extreme conditions in Haiti where people die each day of preventable illnesses. I see the worst of the worst.

Do I think Sweet Micky is going to help the people I examine? Do I think he will help my patient's families get fair paying jobs? Do I think he will make Haiti's roads, schools, and water better?

Not really.

And about 20% of five million registered Haitian voters actually voted on March 20. So about one million of 10 million Haitians voted. So if Micky beat Mother Manigat by 2:1, 600,000 people out of 10 million people supposedly voted for him.

This is Micky's mathematical mandate.

His opportunity to do good for Haiti is huge. It would be great if he would deliver on just one of his big promises above. It would be great to be pleasantly surprised.

However, I have seen so much "end of the line" barbaric things in Haiti, I am just not a believer in "Sweet Micky".


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Teresa said...

Thank you very much for your blog. It is really necessary to explain clearly what happens in Haiti and why.