Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Gotta Kid with a Fixable Heart Problem...

(Photo by John Carroll--July 12, 2012)

Dear Everyone,

You need to see this guy. I will post his picture tomorrow. Promise. (See above.)

Woodson is a three year old boy who lives here in Port-au-Prince.

I examined Woodson for the first time in February in the pediatric clinic in Cite Soleil. He has a loud heart murmur because he has a hole in the wall separating the lower chambers of his heart. This hole is called a ventricular septal defect (VSD). And because he has this abnormal opening blood rushes from the left ventricle through this hole and lands in the right ventricle creating audible turbulence, i.e. the murmur.

Congenital heart disease afflicts 1% of newborns worldwide and the most common defect is VSD.

Woodson's mother is a lovely intelligent gal and she brought him to clinic today. I examined him again and he seems ok.  His heart is slightly enlarged because it is "working overtime". But the blood pressure in his lungs is fine.

I continued his furosemide 10 mg BID and gave him a quick course of anti-worm medication and a vitamin with iron.

His sickle test is negative and his HIV is pending...will have results tomorrow.

Woodson needs heart surgery to patch the hole. This surgery cannot be done safely in Haiti today. Someday this surgery will be available to the Woodsons of Haiti, but that day has not yet arrived. And our Woodson can only wait so long.

I have his echocardiogram at home in Illinois and would be glad to make a copy of the video and send it to anyone who has some influence with a good pediatric heart surgeon and pediatric medical center that would consider operating Woodson.

Thank you very much.

John A. Carroll, MD


Lori Davis said...

Sent this to a MD I know at Children's of Denver where Dr. Shaeffer is the cards attending... one of the best in the nation.... I can help once we can get him to Denver... PICU nurse.... leaving for trip #7 to Haiti in 2 weeks... I stay in PAP... Will help any way I can...
Lori Davis, RN

Lori Davis said...

Dr. Carroll... Can you tell me what is the Pediatric clinic in Cite Soleil??? I am PICU RN for 21 years... the clinic I worked at in Canaan for the past 19 months when I come is closed... I am coming for my 7th trip in 2 weeks and looking for work... have worked at we advance and for sister marci. Also, Fabienne at MTI... Thanks... Lori Davis, RN

John Carroll said...


The clinic is Rosalind Rendu. Just past St. Catherine's on the left.

Let me now if you need anything.


Lori Davis said...

Hi... I will definitely come by... and if you guys need some help, I'm always willing to work!! I arrive in Haiti on July 27th... Thanks. Take care

Swoan Parker said...

You should try to contact Dr. Margaret Degand who helps facilitate a mission that operates out of her clinic in Petionville, Haiti a few times a year. The mission is comprised of France’s La Chaine de L’Espoir and the Montefiore Medical Center in New York.
Here is her email: But I would also contact Dr. Michael Theard that is a cardiologist and works closely with the screening process for +509 34574545 (Haiti telephone).

I covered their last mission- here is a link:

Good Luck.