Saturday, April 06, 2013

She Makes Me A Slave (Addendum)

(Photo by John Carroll--April 6, 2013)

Mom speaks fast. No one usually listens. She needs her say.

Willgesta is 11 months old and was born at home. She has been sick for two months.

The spaces between her tiny ribs suck in with each breath. But she fights like a tiger. 

Please give her the breast, her cry is bad.

I have been to five hospitals and clinics and doctors.

No one does anything for her.

Receipts she has paid spill onto the table from a black garbage sack.

They say she has a hole in her heart. Her echo report is in Cange, of course.

Her weight has gone down and she has fevers and sweats.

Yes, she may have tuberculosis, but please fix her heart.

No, she has no passport.

I have six other children and they are "mal mange".

But she makes me a slave...I can’t let her cry.

I've called you many times but you don't answer.

I will bring you some limes.

Will you just take her and fix her heart?

(Addendum 4/7/2013: Willgesta was admitted to the best children's hospital in Port-au-Prince yesterday afternoon.)

John A. Carroll, MD

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