Saturday, December 10, 2005

Abandoned in Haiti

He fled Baby Doc. He worked the streets in Miami. He never really got a parish but the Miami bishop liked him. He worked with boat people that slopped up onto the beach and couldn't draw triangles. He came back to Haiti after Jean-Claude became a gambler on the Riviera. He lived underground. He finally got his own church and set up a feeding program for kids and adults. He preached non violence and justice for the poor. He demanded that Haiti's democratically elected president return from his exile. His homilies were on the radio and went all over Haiti. He lived alone above the sacristy and finally was pulled out through a broken glass window of his church as three kids in his feeding program were being shot as they ran away from the men in black. He got out of jail and then was thrown back in accused of being the killer and torturer of a man as he was preparing to say the dead man's funeral mass. The people in the church spit on him and beat him. A lady who had laid in the morgue a few days before laid on his body and stopped the blows and the bullets that were ready for him.

A few warriors from his parish visit him now in prison and some indestructible church ladies bring him food. But Haitian priests and bishops don't visit because they are part of the state and part of the problem. They even took his day job from him. He looks out the window of his prison and encourages those who walk the hill that it is "no hill for a climber".

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