Sunday, January 29, 2006

Jackson Jean-Baptiste and the Steffens

Date: Sun Jan 29 16:07:13 2006From: "Realname" To: keith.e.steffen@osfhealthcare.orgCC: sisterjudithann@osfhealthcare.orgSubject: Jackson Jean-Baptiste and You

Dear Keith,

We buried Jackson Jean-Baptiste yesterday in the Apostolic Christian Cemetery in Congerville. Many people attended the ceremony and were saddened that he did not receive the treatment he needed from OSF.

Ironically, Jackson will now be eternally surrounded by Steffens that preceded him in death and are buried close to him at this beautiful site overlooking the valley.

I am sure Jackson forgave you before he died and he and all the Steffens that preceded him in death will do whatever saints do to help all of us join them some day in Heaven.

John Carroll

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