Sunday, January 15, 2006

Peoria Journal Star Forum

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Dr. John Carroll (Dec. 21 Forum, "Haitian needing new heart valve not getting help here") is again trying to lay a guilt trip on OSF and the Peoria area.
I am sorry his patient has acute congestive heart failure. I applaud OSF for its cooperation six years ago, even though I am sure a portion of my OSF bills went to this program.

But why do these cases take priority over the needs of people in the Peoria area? Why do these cases take priority over the ongoing medical and family support needs of injured solders?

Many people in New Orleans died in their wheelchairs with no medical assistance. Why do our citizens in need rate so low on his priority list?

I suspect the reason is that it is tough, dirty work and that the low visibility does not satisfy Carroll's ego. Flying air ambulances around the world to transport critically ill patients to Peoria is an exciting, high-visibility business, but the benefit per dollar spent is extremely low.

If Dr. Carroll is convinced his program must go on, then he should fund it himself and set up a clinic in Haiti.

Paul Cobb

Germantown Hills


John A. Carroll, M.D. said...

I completely agree with Dr. John.

Maria Carroll said...

Dr. John speaks the truth. And he is as tough as they come