Monday, December 11, 2006

The Face of Aids In Haiti

Go to Live From Haiti to see the face of AIDS in Haiti.

Supposedly eight million people live in Haiti. Four million are under 14 years of age.

We are in the 25th year of the AIDS pandemic. Haiti has lost 400,000 people to AIDS during this time.

Experts see no end in site for children orphaned by AIDS. Also, one-fourth of children born to HIV/AIDS infected mothers are carriers themselves. Even though highly active antiretrovirals are advertised as available for kids in Haiti, they are harder to comeby than some would believe.

In the streets of Port-au-Prince one use to see mainly boys years ago darting in and out of traffic begging. Now there are many girls begging for money for themselves and their families.

Orphanages are filled to capacity with beautiful children with hollow looks on their faces. They need to be held.

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