Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Haitians Are Afraid

Everyone is scared.

Everyone is fair game to be taken. Haitians with means are leaving the country.

Mothers have no money for food for their children. They have no money for a simple doctor visit. They are afraid to go on the streets with their children.

Parents are afraid to send their children to school. One did yesterday and the child did not come back.

Hospitals do not have adequate medications or bed capacity. Doctors working for the State of Haiti are not paid and go on strike frequently.

The psychiatric hospital in Port-au-Prince is full.

A Haitian policeman told me today that when people don't "put their heads together" and work out problems, "they can act like savages". He then asked me to buy him a car.

Only a few people on both sides of the Haitian economy are paralyzing this country.

People are running to get out of the capital. People are trying to leave the country.

Everyone is scared.

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