Monday, May 07, 2007

Haitians Don't Throw Fastballs

Since the beginning of this year, hundreds of Haitians have left Haiti in rickety boats. No one knows how many have drowned or have been eaten by sharks.

In April, 704 Haitian migrants were stopped by the Coast Guard and hundreds have been returned to Port-au-Prince.

Unlike their Cuban neighbors, Haitians don't usually vote Republican and Haitian fastballs are not near as accurate as Cuban baseball players throw.

The U.S. does not want Haitians here.

Addressing 1,200 mourners in an emotional and politically charged service in south Florida, the Rev. Reginald Jean-Mary eulogized Lifaite Lully, 24, who drowned trying to reach the U.S. in a boat carrying 102 Haitian refugees:

"We have come to mourn the death of hope. This young man search of security and freedom and meaning in his life."

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regalo1225 said...

cDetention and repatriation...Haitians don't even make it as far as Mexican "illegal" immigrants (a concept I don't understand), who then pick 4000 pounds of tomatoes to make $56. We don't even take the effort to exploit Haitians on our territory...we just let them die.

I don't understand how we so brutely throw people away, let them die trying to reach what we take for granted. Human laws are human, I know, but I'm also wondering what the international norm is for migrants such as Haitians? They aren't technically refugees, but I thought I read that international law dictated some protection? Do you know the standard on this?

That 20 died off the Turks and Caicos on Friday is unbelievable. That the other 60 or so will be detained and then sent home is even more unbelievable.