Monday, May 28, 2007

What Will Become of Mauricio?

By Jennifer Carroll
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

When Mauricio’s parents brought him into the room, the first things I noticed were his big, brown eyes and his beautiful smile. Looking at this 6 month-old baby boy, you would never guess he has a heart problem. However, Mauricio has a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. If Mauricio had been born in the United States, his heart would have been repaired within a few weeks of his birth, allowing him to lead a healthy, normal life. However, Mauricio was not born in the United States. Mauricio was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Haiti lacks the technology and resources to fix Mauricio’s heart. Left untreated, this beautiful baby boy will probably not survive past his 20th birthday.

Haitian Hearts is looking for a hospital in the United States that is willing to save this baby’s life. Mauricio’s parents only want what is best for their sixth child, just as American parents want what is best for their own children. Looking into Mauricio’s eyes, I pray that a hospital will help him. Mauricio deserves a chance.

As she carried Mauricio out of the room, the last thing his mother asked was, “How long will my baby live without surgery?"

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Anonymous said...

my baby kyle has tetrology of fallot he is actually in surgery right now. i don't really know what to say because with out surgery we all know what will happen. my son was very ill he has had 2 surgeries this is his 3rd including a bt shunt. its too bad that babies and childern have to to go though something like this and its even worse when you can do nothing to help them. it makes me angery t6o know that there are babies out there like my kyle who don't have good doctors with the right knowlage to help. kyle's mom brittany