Thursday, September 20, 2007


This is an eight day old baby from Soleil who is perfect. He may have a big head, but he is still perfect in my book.

His name is Bernardin.

His mother, who wears layers of cotton flannel shirts, is unable to give their address in Soleil. They live somewhere near a church. They also live somewhere near 200,000 other people in the slum of Soleil.

Tears run down mother’s face as she states that Bernardin’s father forced her to take medicine while she was pregnant to abort Bernardin. His father has another woman and did not want another baby to take care of in Soleil.

However, the home made Soleil abortion medicine didn’t work. Bernardin was born and is fine…except for a big head. He has hydrocephalus.

Bernardin most likely needs a shunt. His mother has no money, and more importantly, if Bernardin had a shunt placed, who will be responsible for following him? When shunts go bad in Haiti, the baby goes bad.

Bernardin needs to be adopted out of Soleil where he can receive proper medical care and follow up.

He survived an attempted chemical abortion. He lives in horrid Soleil with an abused penniless mother.

He is eight days old.

Will anyone out there give Bernardin a chance?


Malia'sMama said...

Hello Dr. John!

I just found your blog by accident, or maybe not! :) We met about 4 years ago at Wall's- you were there to bring a child back to the US for surgery, I believe, and I was there hanging out for 6 weeks and working at San Fil at at the Brothers' in Pele.

I am so glad to see you still have your passion for the poorest of the poor. My heart is still with Haiti, too, but adopting a baby girl has kept me away from Ayiti Cherie for a whole year now, but when she's older, I know I will return.

PS: If you follow the link my comment will connect to, it will take you to a "bridge" blog that leads to my real one. Anyway, on the bridge blog is a vido of my adoption journey- when you see my pics, maybe oyu'll remember me. :)

John A. Carroll, M.D. said...

Dear Luci,

I remember you well and congratulations regarding your adoption.

Keep up all of your good work. I am sure you will not allow your baby to forget Haiti as she grows up.



Lori said...

Hello Dr. John,
I met you one time on the plane when you were taking our several kids for heart surgery many years ago. Though we talked briefly, you wouldn't remember me. Anyway, I've been working in Haiti full time since '98. I have a contact for hydrocephalic children to get surgery in Haiti. Please email me if interested and I'll get you more info.
Lori Moise, RN
Real Hope for Haiti

John A. Carroll, M.D. said...

Thank you, Lori.

I will e mail you.