Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't Let This Baby Fool You

Don’t let this Soleil baby fool you.

He may appear unhappy, but a bath with decent water is everybody’s dream in Soleil.

As we all know most of Haiti’s trees have been cut down. The trees are turned into charcoal to provide a fuel source.

When the trees are gone, and most are gone in Haiti, the topsoil is thin and the rain water is not absorbed into the under ground aquifers. An aquifer is an underground water source that supplies water for wells and springs.

Haiti ranked last in the world in the International Water Poverty Index. That doesn’t sound good.

Greater than 60% of Haitians have no access to clean water. That number is probably higher in Cite Soleil where people have to run between bullets to obtain a gallon of water.

Water borne diseases kill many people in Soleil. Especially babies.

Don’t let this baby fool you.

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