Saturday, August 30, 2008

Comment on Child Slaves in Haiti

This post was a comment sent to Dying in Haiti regarding Haiti's restavek problem.

More food for thought that you won't find in your local newspaper.

Thank you, Chantal.

Here is the comment:

Dr. Carroll do you find it interesting that news reporters such as this man are so willing to report on "slavery" in Haiti, yet have nothing to say about the US' imperialist actions in Haiti* with the 2001 an 2004 US backed coups of Haiti's first Democratically elected government? US intervention in Haiti is a continuing problem that started even before the racist and brutal occupation of 1915.

Would you say that this is serving a political interest, for the mainstream media to address the "slavery" issue, yet ignore the US government and its allies' illegal actions in Haiti?

Would the status of Haitians change in the minds of the international community do you think, if they were not always portrayed in this manner? As incompetent, unable to rule themselves, violent, stupid, diseased, lazy... and by the way, do you know that they have SLAVES (good for a laugh!!)?

What are you're thoughts? Maybe Haitians could be on their way to a better life if the US government intervention were not a way of life -- snd media portrayals were not biased and propagandistic?

Maybe just leave Haiti alone, respect Haitian sovereignty?

After all, what did the US expect would happen to Haitian children of those forced to seek work in the cities after "globalization" devastated their way of life on their lands in the country?

And even before this there was the onerous "debt" demanded by France (for lost revenues from slavery) and serviced by American Banks that Haitian governments paid. Under the threat of invasion, Haiti paid. This debt was repaid at the expense of any development needs -- social, economic, governmental. The Haitian government was never late and This debt was paid in full only in 1938.

I guess, just like the Mexicans who migrate to the US due to the same globalization phenomena, Haitians should just stay at home and starve quietly!

Is it your understanding, that there is "slavery" in Haiti? Or do you see the connection to a propaganda war on Haiti and the Haitian people and the pushing of the "slavery" narrative.

Note: US imperialism
Conspiring with Group 184, Canada and France to oust President Aristide. Setting up the brutal puppet government of Gerard LaTortue. The manipulating of Rene Preval's election by seeing that his rivals, such as Father Gerard Jean-Juste were locked up. The proxy occupation of Haiti by the US served by the presence of MINUSTAH.

Posted by Chantal to Dying in Haiti at 5:09 PM

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