Saturday, January 16, 2010

Medjina's Mother Missing

On December 18, Haitian Hearts brought Medjina to the United States for heart surgery.

Medjina is a seven year old 44 pound little girl. I first examined her in November, 2008.

It took us 13 months to get her to the US. We applied for a visa for Medjina's mother so she could be with Medjina during her heart surgery, but her mother's visa was denied by the American Consulate in Port-au-Prince.

Medjina was examined and tested for six hours on December 30 by a prominent children's hospital. She would be put on the surgery schedule for the following week.

One more check with Medjina's mother in Port-au-Prince occurred on Monday of this week. Mother was in agreement with the surgery.

Haiti's earthquake hit the following day.

Medjina's mother has not been heard from.

Now Medjina may be an orphan facing daunting heart surgery.

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