Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A State of Denial

Mudpie Factory--Cite Soleil
October 16, 2012
Photo by John Carroll

In 2007 I posted that people in Soleil were so hungry they were eating mudpies.

As people found out about this atrocity I think they were in disbelief. One commenter wrote that maybe the lady who makes the mudpies in Soleil should turn into a Mrs. Fields and export her mudpies to the States.

In 2012 people in Soleil are still eating mudpies.

Her "factory" is in the same location in an especially dangerous part of Soleil. And as you can see, as of an hour ago, she is still hard at work. She insists her dirt is special dirt from Hinche and she adds butter, salt, and water. I think you can see the rivulet of toxic filthy water running besides her.

She slops the concoction together and forms saucer-sized circular mudpies that harden quickly in the Soleil sun.

Denial is good for us when it comes to thinking about this. It could not be happening we tell ourselves. This can't be happening 90 minutes from Miami.

We need to make light of this.

We need to deny.

(Photo by John Carroll)

John A. Carroll, MD

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