Monday, October 08, 2012

Respect for Life in the Slum--Updated October 8, 2012

Respect for Life Baby in Soleil
October 8, 2012
(Photo by John Carroll)

You may remember the little baby in trouble on Friday afternoon.

Well here she is today (Monday) with no oxygen requirements. She is breathing easy on her own. This is good because there are no ventilators at St. Catherine's Hospital in Soleil.

The baby is getting intravenous antibiotics ampicillin and gentamicin. She is not out of the woods but  she stands a chance.

St. Catherine's is being repainted. It looks better than a few weeks ago.

This hospital is run by the Haitian government. But you know what? It needs to be torn down. The people deserve much more than this.

Just think if it were demolished and rebuilt in the middle of this horrible fetid slum. Just imagine a nice big hospital in this place that could provide basics for hundreds of thousands of people.

It could be a great teaching hospital because the pathology of hundreds of thousands of people nearby would keep it busy and full all of the time. The amount of heart disease, infectious disease, and trauma is incredible here. And most importantly the people of the slum would benefit.

Haitian medical staff have to be paid fairly. They work very hard and CARE for each other. The Haitian government needs to do the same.

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