Sunday, November 28, 2010

Brightest Light in Port-au-Prince

Last night, after the sun had set, I was sitting on the guest house roof looking into Port-au-Prince's darkness.

There were a few lights here and there which allowed one to see smoke wafting about. However there was a bright light right in front of me about a half mile away.

This beacon of light seemed brilliant compared to the others.

Where was the light coming from?

It was from a very large field and was illuminating tents filled with hundreds of cholera patients. The tents are staffed by Doctors Without Borders for the sickest cholera patients who need the most intense rehydration and care.

I am glad for these cholera patients that they are being given a chance. But this light shining down on Haiti's dark seems cruel. The brightest light in the sky marks the abysmal failure of Haiti's government and the international community that should have protected tens of thousands of Haitians from acquiring this disease.

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