Saturday, November 27, 2010

Haitian "Selections" Tomorrow

This is Saturday and things are quiet in Port-au-Prince.

Almost too quiet.

A Haitian Hearts patient braved her way across the capital this morning to pick up her heart medications. She said there is little traffic, no road blocks, and not near as many people in the streets as a usual Saturday. She was clearly nervous and wanted to get back on the streets to get home.

I am at a guest house several miles from Cite Soleil.

When I asked our cook today if she was going to vote tomorrow, she smiled and shook her head no. She said there would be "trop dezod", which means she thinks there will be too much violence in the streets tomorrow.

A 31 year old chauffer from the Fontamara zone of Port-au-Prince told me today that he would not vote either because it is dangerous to vote and he is simply not interested.

Please see Wadner Pierre's article here.

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