Saturday, November 27, 2010

Neonatal Tetanus


(Photo by John Carroll)

This worried lady is holding her 10 day old son who is wrapped in this white towel.

She reported that the baby started having funny spells last night and she brought him to the hospital today.

The baby is clearly having signs of tetanus. He startles easily, clenches his fists, and flexes his arms at the elbows. His grimace during these spells shows the pain in his beautiful face.

And in the meantime, election pamphlets scandalizing presidential candidates circulated in the hospital distracting employees from more important this newborn boy.

The UN soldiers stood in front of the hospital as this insanity continued inside the hospital.

The baby's chance at survival are pretty bad on a good day in Soleil. His chances this weekend with the skeleton medical staff and fear in the city are even less.
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