Thursday, May 14, 2009

Faces of Soleil

The mothers who bring their babies to the clinic in Soleil simply do not have enough food in their shacks to give their babies.

I can't remember examining one baby that had eaten on the morning of the exam.

And when I asked the mother what the baby had eaten the day before, the answer was a little white rice, possibly with some bean sauce. Maybe a little bullion, water with some Maggie in it.

The babies have frequent espisodes of diarrhea and respiratory and skin infections. Their mothers very "matter-of-factly" tell me how their baby vomits long white worms. Kind of like us saying "my baby had the sniffles today".

The kids are apathetic, have a red tint to their hair, do not smile, and like their mothers, are just trying to make it through another day in Soleil.

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