Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This is Soleil Today

This is Cite Soleil today.

The baby girl is 21 months old and weighs 8.5 kg. She had been staying with Grandma in Croix-du-Bouquet, but Grandma ran out of food.

Grandma returned the baby to the baby's 22 year old mom who lives in Waf Soleil. Mom has three other kids at home.

Mom walked into the clinic office carrying this lethargic baby. The baby is severely malnourished with a combination of marasmus and kwashiorkor.

Kwashiorkor means "condition of the displaced child".

The baby was admitted into the community based malnutrition program and will start on F-75 milk.

There are 13 million other babies like this one worldwide. And two million will die this year.

Hopefully, this Waf Soleil baby girl won't be one of them.

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