Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Maria

Dear Maria,

Thanks for being the best mom Luke could ever have.

I remember the look on your face when you saw him for the first time. You opened your arms and heart to Innocent on Haitian Mother's Day.

Luke's face was thoughtful and your face was happy when you saw his feet feel grass for the first time.

You carefully lifted him and held him on the big wall overlooking Delmas 31 so the bad guys below wouldn’t see him.

You knew he wanted to read at GCH, and you taught him during the seven months of terror in Haiti. Luke's neurons began firing, as you predicted, and they haven't stopped.

Luke never wanted to be away from you in Haiti. You were the first woman never to turn your back on him and are now the only woman he trusts. He really needed you. Much longer, and he wouldn’t have been able to need anyone.

You (and we) still have our work to do with the Lukester, but you “gave him a chance,” as the Haitians say.

If Luke’s biological mom could thank you on Mother's Day, she would. And I know for certain, no matter what world she is in right now, she wants Luke to be with you.




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