Friday, May 29, 2009

Father Jean-Juste's Letter from Prison to Bill Quigley, December 1, 2005

My wife and I had the opportunity to visit Father Gerry Jean-Juste twice when he was in prison in the Pacot section of Port-au-Prince in 2005. The second visit I was able to examine him and determined that he had serious health problems which needed further diagnosis and treatment. Father told us that he had been deemed healthy by Haitian officials.

At this visit on December 1, 2005, Father wanted to write a letter to his American attorney Bill Quigley. We gave him yellow legal paper and he wrote out a five page note. The actual letter is linked below.

As you will read, Father focused very little on his own health problems or unjust imprisonment. But his heart did ache for the people of Haiti and all the difficulties and injustices of their lives that he was even able to witness from his prison window. Father Gerry’s faith remained strong during all of his trials; and his faith and good humor were a source of strength for others.

May Father Gerard Jean-Juste rest in peace and may the perpetual light shine upon him.

Go to this site to see the letter written by Father Jean-Juste to his attorney Bill Quigley.

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