Monday, February 28, 2011

Airport Shuttle in Les Cayes


This is how I got to the airport in Les Cayes this morning at 6 AM. The rain had stopped about an hour earlier.

My friend Shane took this picture, and I don't really know how to drive this four wheeler. I just wanted the picture to LOOK like I knew how to drive this four wheeler.

Shane graciously drove me to the airport on this vehicle.

It was really cool.

Thanks, Shane.
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Daniel C. Elliott said...

Hello Sir. I work with an orphanage about 45 minutes from Les Cayes, called Mission Haiti, in the little village of Ti Riviere just north of St. Jean.
I am a photographer and my job is to reach about 1500 kids, to take their photo for sponsorship back in the states. My photos are the images that folks back home put on their refrigerators once they sponsor a child. I'm searching for 4-wheelers to purchase in Haiti, and I ran across your blog. God is good. :) Right now, we can only get around by walking and the occasional tap-tap. Most of the terrain I cover is mountainous and, but on my last trip there last week I was able to spend time mapping some of the possible ATV routes that lead up into the mountains where the Cholera cases seem to be developing. I think that a 4 wheeler would greatly help our efforts in sending mission teams with medical clinics to these outlying villages. Is there any advice or experience you can give me. Just seeing your shot on the 4-wheeler, heading to Les Cayes a few short weeks ago really lifted my hopes. my number 605-582-8259, my email, and the organization I volunteer for,

John A. Carroll, M.D. said...


I will give you a call.