Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Call from Haitian Hearts Patient

Photo by John Carroll
Bonne Fin, Haiti

A Haitian Hearts patient called me today expressing concern for his family in the mountains of southern Haiti.

He said that cholera is in his village near Bonne Fin.

Everyone is scared.

He asked me what to do to protect his family.

I didn't have an answer other than the boilerplate response regarding using clean water, chlorox, washing one's hands, blah blah blah.

Cholera needs to be prevented and that will only happen when municipal and rural water systems separate drinking water from sewage.

Is it not incredible that Haitians rank number one in the world for bad water and thousands continue to get infected with cholera. As of yesterday there were over 4,000 documented deaths from cholera.

And while this preventable tragedy is happening, the world is happily spending over 200 million dollars EACH day for the UN (MINUSTAH) to occupy Haiti. I think that 200 million dollars each day could go a long ways toward cleaning up Haiti's water and stopping the cholera epidemic.

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