Friday, June 19, 2009

Father Jean-Juste Fought Against Murdering People...Why at His Funeral Mass?

At the end of Mass, Archbishop Miot stood on the altar several feet from Father Jerry's body, and told the crowd to be orderly in the streets.

The previous YouTube video shows what I witnessed. About one minute after I turned off the video setting on my camera, the shots rang out. I had witnessed much love for Pere Jean-Juste and saw no violence until the shooting.

I thought the Haitian National Police handled the Mass very well and showed respect for all involved. Pictured to the right are people taking cover seconds after the shots.

After the slain man's body was picked up by the crowd to be carried to the National Palace, his little boy was screaming "papa".

See the Dominion site if you can.

See this account from South Africa regarding the shooting.

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