Sunday, June 21, 2009

This Was NOT Necessary....


(Photo by John Carroll)

On June 18, 2009, Father Jeri's funeral was held at the Cathedral in Port-au-Prince.

See HaitiAction for the account of what took place just outside the church shortly after the funeral Mass ended.

MINUSTAH said a rock hit this young man....

I don't think so.

MINUSTAH should not have been anywhere near the Cathedral.

I had been at the church for three and one half hours and saw no violence at all until MINUSTAH arrived.

The international press needs to cover this story accurately. The Haitian press was there too and needs to show the world what happened.

Haiti needs factual reporting from both "pro-Lavalas" and "anti-Lavalas" people. The truth has to be told by both sides, or no one has credibility. And if reporting is not credible, Haiti's poor will take the brunt of it again as people freeze up or become entrenched in their own ideology.

The "gwo neg" living in the two camps need to stop their incessant fighting. The main goal for everyone should be to help the poor.

And "citizen journalists" and bloggers need to do the best they can for Haiti. It would be great if all Haitians Twittered away about their life each day. But Haitians aren't Iranians. Poor Haitians are too busy, too sick, and too hungry to Twitter. They are simply trying to survive.

We should remember that Fr. Jeri constantly prayed to Saint Jude for his intercession in Haiti. The whole world needs to continue his prayer.

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