Sunday, June 21, 2009

"So Sorry to Tell You My Leg is Smelling"

Below is an e mail I received yesterday from an acquaintance in Haiti. The only edit I made from the e mail was that I deleted his name.

Our direction and energy should be spent helping people like him. And there are many.

But what do we do?

MINUSTAH blows off some guy's head the other day after a funeral Mass for Father Jean-Juste. Car windows get smashed by an infuriated crowd.

And when I walk down the street in the capital women offer me their babies to take any where but Haiti. They can't feed their children.

A hospital administrator of an important hospital pauses in the dark stairwell of the hospital and asks me to get him a visa to the United States. Anywhere but Haiti.

The USA is spending 12 million dollars for the Senate Elections in Haiti today. Lavalas is boycotting the election and Haitians don't believe in their government or ANY government. And only a small percentage of people will vote today. Why should they?

So much suffering on part of a little island in the Caribbean.

The suffering could be ameliorated here if those who had the means here and elsewhere would accept a little less and "presse" to help, educate, and care for the many who are barely existing.

And the "international community" needs to smarten up and do what is right for the people with the smelly legs.

Dearest Dr John

it is not to disturb you one more time if i am sending this e-mail to you . but what is worst is that i was trying to expect to see about how my leg can be if it was going to be better or not better.but what i remark is that it is continue to discharge and give a bad smell .

i feel scare and i am very much worry for that you can sendsomeone of yours if possible to see about it .
as iknow that you are the one who is sensitive for me.
i did not have in mind to ask for nohting as i have already sent to you a picture of this wound that i have it hurts me .
it is now to you to see if it is good to assit me with what you can.

life hereis hard as you know it already i do not have no where to go that is why.? unfortunately i oblige to knock at your Door .
so take good care of yourself

so sorry to tell you that my leg is smelling

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