Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Message


One of the last written messages from Pere Jean-Juste:

Bondye rele’m


N a we le li va rele w tou

M’ te kontan esye

Ban nou sevis otan fos granmet la te sou mwen.

Nan Jezi m’ espere kente nan syel la!

Na we!

(God is calling me.

I am going.

I will see you when he calls you too.

I was happy to try and work for you

as many times as God wanted of me.

In Jesus, I hope I hit the "jackpot" in Heaven.

I will see you!)

Njera Njeri Jan-Jis

(Pictured above is Pere Jean-Juste's brother at Father's funeral in Cavaillion, June 18, 2009)
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