Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Church Ladies are Saving the World

Church ladies are saving the world and don't let anyone tell you any different.

It is not the "gwo neg" saving the world, it is the church ladies.

As I walked through the What If? Foundation/ Pere Jean-Juste feeding program today, the church ladies were preparing food for over one thousand kids that would eat at Saint Claire's this afternoon.

I have seen many feeding programs in Haiti in almost 30 years, but this food seemed the most nutritious.

I saw women grating cabbage, millet, and coconut. I saw onions being cut. I saw turkey being prepared. I saw other food that I can't remember.

When Father is buried in southern Haiti tomorrow, the church ladies won't be there to say good by. However, they visited him in prison and brought him safe food. Who else did that?

Tomorrow they will be feeding more kids and stabilizing Haiti more than anyone.

And that is what Father Jean-Juste would have wanted.

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