Sunday, June 07, 2009

Haitian Hearts Host Frandy

Frandy is a 19 year old Haitian who has a hole in his heart (ventricular septal defect). He has been very instrumental in helping Haitian Hearts in Haiti taking care of patients in Port-au-Prince.

The following is a post written by Frandy about host families in the United States. Frandy is very poor and living in Carrefour with his mom. He is very motivated to succeed and is teaching himself English.

The roles of the host families of Haitian Hearts mission is very great, and needed to be saying aloud.

The Ebels are very wonderful people, and it’s the same for the other host families across different States where the Haitian Hearts patients often settle to receive medical care in USA.

You save many lives when you provide your houses to the Haitians who can’t even afford to get $2 U.S per day for their daily food. I am up there to thanks you for all, and those lines below go to you. Thanks for saving lives and helping on other ways.


Homes are usually given by you.

Often there to share you culture with the guests.

Satisfactory occurs toward your encouragement.

Times for care and hospitality.

Feelings to drive the patients through the admirable steps.

A strong effort to save lives of people that you have never made any experience with before.

My memory always reminds me how you paid your attention over me.

It is radically appreciated.

Love surrounds your houses.

Imagine the way you provide your assistance, then you will see its impacts on everyone of us.

Explain us most of the important things about USA.

Saving lives is very dear and significant; therefore thank you for saving mine.


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